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Get the latest news, information and reviews of the best educational toys on the market. Kids, teens and young adults interact with a variety of toys and games throughout their life and many offer great educational value.

Today, technology has transformed the games and toys available at all ages; offering a huge selection of fun and interactive things to spark learning. From classic woodblocks to visually stunning video games, many toys are designed with education in mind and can help with learning subjects such as math, reading, science and vocabulary as well as improve dexterity, coordination, problem solving and patience. They can also improve or reveal natural skills such as drawing or music.

Browse our site to learn more about educational toys, challenging games and learning software. Our reviews and information are focused on the educational value of the most popular and the most obscure toys. With photos, hands-on videos and product reviews, find a toy or game by name, brand, age or subject.

We have recently increased our information and reviews on video games as well. Video games are a major source of entertainment for kids and adults alike, and while the educational merits of playing most video games can be debated, there are amazing resources for learning through software.

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